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Lucky Hoodcat 5 Sticker Set - CMH4HH x Bob Motown

$40.00 / On Sale

Happy 2021!

I teamed up with one of my favorite artists, @Bob Motown, to bring you the Cat Man's Home for Haggard Hoodcats Lucky Hoodcat Sticker Set! If you're not aware, the CMH4HH is my monthly mail club, where you can subscribe to get awesome stickers and catnip, delivered to your mailbox... every month! We also play members only Cat Man Bingo games, have a private members only CMH4HH Instagram page, and get special discounts for this here Cat Man shop.

Sign up today, and you'll even get a 50% off code for the full sticker set you're looking at now!

The CMH4HH helps fund the care of our permanent and temporary residents, like Lucky (seen in the second picture), she's one of the neighborhood cats we helped last month when we literally saved her ass by getting her into the vet, after she got into some kind of fight or scuffle and had a bite get infected on her rear end!

This month's Postcard Sticker Club subscribers were sent one these five random stickers, featuring Toughie, Tommy, Bud, Booty, and Stubbs [rip], as our take on the traditional Japanese, Maneki Neko, and a postcard featuring the whole squad! I was so stoked with how the artwork turned out (thanks again Bob!), that I wanted to offer the full set of them here. Each cat measures about 4 inches in height.

Each Lucky Hoodcat will attract good fortune in different areas of your life…

Toughie - Good health (so you’ll never be as snotty as him, or need as many tissues as he does.)
Tommy - Success (whether you’re a fancy pants business person, or just a video game nerd… you’ll be a SUCCESSFUL one!)
Booty - Prosperity and wealth (y’know… cause catnip and money are both green, and who wouldn’t want a 50lb bag of either?!)
Bud - Wisdom and peace (Bud has really taught me to ‘SEE’ the world differently, may he inspire you to do the same)
Stubbs - Happiness (nothing made Stubbs happier than a fresh pack of meattubes, what is the meattube in YOUR life? May you find an abundance of them.)

Regardless of if you're a monthly subscriber, or if this is your first time ordering something from the shop... thank you, I couldn't do what I do to without your support!

>^. .^<

Adam, Booty, Bud, Tommy, and Toughie