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2/13 4PM Pawlentines Day #CatManBingo!

$10.00 / Sold Out

*Bingo cards and the Zoom Room link will be e-mailed to you the evening of 2/12*

Come play the first #CatManBingo of the year with us on Caturday 2/13 at 4:00 PM Pacific!

Each bingo card will give you *THREE* chances to win some pretty great prizes [including stuff from the Cat Man shop, The Catnip Dispensary, and Mary K. Williams], and there are two different ways you can get Bingo cards!

1. You can snag cards from the shop right here, or...

2. You can become a supporter of the Cat Man's Home for Haggard Hoodcats at any support tier, and you'll get a link to a *free* bingo card!

We'll be playing three separate rounds of bingo on each cards and reset them after each round. The first round we'll play for an "X" the second round we'll play for an "O" and the third round will be the shape of a heart [see the second picture for examples]!

You can print out your bingo cards, or mark them digitally on your computer/phone/tablet device, no special app needed!

We'll also be hosting a *Cutest Couple* contest, and the winner of that will get a prize pack including a POUND of catnip from The Catnip Dispensary!

For this contest, a 'couple' could be you and your crazy cat loving partner or friend, you and your cat, or two of your cats! To enter, you'll need to submit a photo or video entry to catmanofwestoakland@gmail.com before *NOON* on Caturday 2/13, and then we'll vote as a group for a winner after the games!

Again, Bingo cards and the official Cat Man Bingo Zoom Room link will be e-mailed out on 2/12, with limited day of sales until approx. 3PM Pacific Time on 2/13. I'll start the Zoom Room at 4PM and we'll get rolling right at 4:20PM Pacific Time!

Having trouble finding your bingo sheet? Make sure to add catmanofwestoakland@gmail.com to your email contact list, or check your spam folder!